NFT Dungeon

A lair to utilize your NFTs to start earning keys and level up your rank!

Game Activation

If you would like to earn keys while playing, you need to acquire the "Game Activation NFT" for your desired game. You can obtain your NFT by either staking WSG/BNB LP tokens or WSG tokens on our staking page, or if you prefer to have immediate access, you can purchase the NFT on this page for a higher price.

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Rank Activation

To level-up your gaming experience and receive even more keys, you can stake your WSG tokens to obtain an "NFT Rank" from level 1 to 7. You can acquire these NFTs on our staking platform. Below you can then activate your ranks in order to receive perks and eternal glory in our gaming ecosystem.

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Key Swap

You can use your NFT cards that you gathered from staking pools to swap them for keys which can be used on the treasury platform to open the treasure chest and receive majestic rewards!

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